Vfone postpaid packages Review

vfone postpaid Vfone ( Ptcl wireless) has launched its postpaid packages but what sort of customers are they trying to attract. These packages don’t make any sense when compared to prepaid and I don’t understand why any one will opt for them. Vfone postpaid is going to be a failure. Vfone team should consider some data packages for prepaid, if they are sincere to attract some customers.
Lets have a look at the packages:-


Standard Value Premium
Monthly Line Rent 174 999 2999
Call charges
Landline Rs.2/3mins Rs.2/3mins Rs.2/3mins
Mobile Rs.2.5/min Rs 2/min Rs 2/min
Free Minutes
On-net 1000 1000
Mobile 100 1000
Internet Rs.2/20mins 500 hours 1000 hours
SMS Rs.0.25 Rs.0.25 Rs.0.25
Security (minimum) Rs.1000 Rs.2500 Rs.5000

Additional Bundles for Standard Package:

Pakistan Package for additional Rs 199 International Package for additional Rs 999 Internet Hours for additional        Rs 499
1000 Free On-Net Minutes 1200 Free  Intl Minutes As per the defined Zones 500 Free Internet Hours
Additional Security   Rs.500 Rs.1000 Rs.500

Additional Bundles for Value and Premium:

International Bundle    @ Rs.999

1200 FREE INTERNATIONAL MINUTES to Select Destinations

Additional Security                 Rs.1000

Terms and Conditions (Important points in Blue)

  • Additional off-net & on-net calls to Landlines will be charged at Rs. 2/ 3 Minutes.
  • Additional Mobile calls are charged at Rs.2/min in Value & Premium package.
  • Free minutes in International Bundle can be used for landline & mobile calls to USA, Canada & China and on landline only in UK & Australia.
  • International calls to all other destinations & additional minutes will be charged as per defined zones. For detailed international tariffs visit our website www.ptcl.com.pk
  • Remaining free minutes at end of month will not be carried forward to next month.
  • Internet is charged at Rs.2/20min for additional usage.
  • Security deposits (refundable) are charged one time only.
  • All charges are stated exclusive of taxes.19.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) & 10% withholding tax will be applicable on total bill amount.

Now Lets analyze the packages one by one comparing them with prepaid.
Vfone Standard (Postpaid)   vs Vfone family(Prepaid)

Vfone Standard Vfone family
Line Rent / month Rs. 174 Rs. 5/day equals Rs. 150
Vfone to Vfone (Local/NWD) Rs.2/3mins Free
Vfone to PTCL (Local / NWD) Rs.2/3mins Rs.2/3mins
Mobile Rs. 2.5 / min Rs. 2.00 / min
Internet Rs.2/20mins Rs.2/20mins
SMS Rs.0.25 Rs.0.25

Obviously Prepaid is better than postpaid in this case.

Now add a bundle to Vfone Standard and compare it with Vfone Family and Vfone Unlimited

Vfone Standard +Pakistan Package Vfone family Vfone Unlimited
Line Rent / month Rs. 174 + Rs. 199 equals Rs. 373 Rs. 5/day equals Rs. 150 Rs. 20/day equals Rs.600
Vfone to Vfone (Local/NWD) 1000 free minutes* Free Free
Vfone to PTCL (Local / NWD) 1000 free minutes* Rs.2/3mins Free
Mobile Rs. 2.5 / min Rs. 2.00 / min Rs. 2.00 / min
Internet Rs.2/20mins Rs.2/20mins Rs.2/20mins
SMS Rs.0.25 Rs.0.25 Rs.0.25

*free minutes are for both vfone and landline.

Now postpaid gets a little better here if you have to call landline frequently and 1000 minutes are sufficient for you.
Calls to mobile are still at a higher rate.


Now compare Vfone Value and Premium with Vfone Unlimited.

Vfone Value Vfone Premium Vfone Unlimited
Line Rent / month Rs.999 Rs.2999 Rs. 20/day equals Rs.600
Vfone to Vfone (Local/NWD) 1000 free minutes*
1000 free minutes*
Vfone to PTCL (Local / NWD) 1000 free minutes*
1000 free minutes*
Mobile 100 free minutes
Rs 2/min
1000 free minutes
Rs. 2.00 / min
Rs. 2.00 / min
Internet 500 hours
SMS Rs.0.25 Rs.0.25 Rs.0.25

*free minutes are for both vfone and landline.

Added things are free minutes to mobile and free internet hours. We will discuss internet later in the post.
Take Ptcl value You pay Rs.999 for 1000 free minutes to ptcl and 100 minutes to mobile.
Now 100 minutes on vfone will cost you Rs. 200 making total of Rs. 800.
Better than Postpaid if you don’t have to use internet.

Vfone Premium you pay Rs. 2000 extra for 1000 mobile minutes(at Rs.2/min no added advantage) and internet.
There is one funny thing in this offer. There are 720 hours in a 30 days month and ptcl offering you 1000 hours/month how generous 😀

Voice Users
To sum up if you are a voice user Vfone unlimited(Prepaid) is the best offer. Vfone standard + Pakistan Plus (Postpaid) can be an alternative.
Personally I don’t like postpaid. In a prepaid connection you control the way you want to use the service. In Postpaid company controls you. And certainly there is no need to go for postpaid when you don’t have any advantage.

Other packages, Vfone Value & Premium just makes no sense. Not useful for a voice user.

Internet Users

Vfone Standard + Internet bundle can be an option.
You pay 673 + Tax making a total of Rs. 885/month.

And go for vfone only if you don’t have any other option available in your area like DSL, WiMax etc.
Problem using vfone is:-

  • Speed is not impressive.
  • You cannot receive or make calls while using internet.
  • You pay almost the same as for Broadband.

Advice for PTCL

If you want to attract customers give packages that make some sense.
Introducing some internet packages for prepaid customers would have been a wise approach.
Package like 50 hours for Rs.100.
Unlimited for Rs. 300.
Rates above it don’t suits vfone they apply to broadband.

This postpaid thing is going to flop.

  • none of above pakage are attractive :/
    World Call Wireless is better, giving 606 RS (with Tax) post paid Internet Connection unlimited.

  • postpay

    hey ahsan..yuve done a nice comparison, i always thought key preaid is a better option for subscribers but nevr actually calculated nd compared the tariffs.

  • shoaib

    tamam packages bakwas hain company apna faida ziada sochti hay costumer to facility cum deti hay

  • Muhammad Younas

    why vfone installation charges are not beeing decreasd. Rs. 3600 are too much, it's totally unfair, just one of Rs. 800 is being soled in Rs. 3600. why ? kuchh Khuda ka khouf karo.



  • salim

    i think mobil rates are better then your vfone pakages ,

  • Muhammad Naeem


    I want get DSL connection of 1mb speed on ptcl vfone what the procedure is.pls tell me urgent

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    These packages are good on brochure only!

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    Yar koi mujhy wifi internet chalany ka tareka batao my numbar 03326202353