Ufone Stopped Delivery Reports

Ufone has stopped sms delivery reports a few days back.

I think this was after their recent package of unlimited sms at Rs. 2.99 per day, to accommodate load on the servers.

They should better had upgraded their system before launching that package rather than to deprive customers of a service.

I like the delivery reports service and ufone should restore it.

Ufone must upgrade its system the sooner the better. As there are other operators available and I can switch just to have those delivery report 🙂

Any one disagreeing with me??

  • Agreed!
    Ufone should upgrade their systems instead of depriving their customers from facilities. SMS feels incomplete to me without Delivery report. 🙁

  • Yes, you are right brother and one more thing warid has stopped balance report after call as well.. ..

  • You are right brother. I is very upsetting thing. . .

  • I sent an email to Ufone Customer Care.
    You can see reply here.

  • UFone Ka Hamesha Se Yehii maslah Raha hai 😛