Ufone 3g inserting ads on websites

I was browsing internet on ufone 3g and observed a strange behaviour. A popup ad appeared whenever I clicked on a site, and it happened on all sites.

This only happened on Ufone, and whenever I used any other network, sites worked fine.

I contacted ufone, and they said it is not a network or 3G issue, and sites display ads.

When I further investigated this issue I found out that for every request made to Google Analytics javascript


ufone network was sending a malicious js containing ad code instead of actual js file from google.
Below is screenshot of code of that malicious file which load pop up ads on pages without knowledge of website owner and end user.


This is a serious security issue and ufone should take strict action against the person responsible for this.
I am using ufone 3g in Khuzdar where I encountered this problem.
If anyone else is having same problem share your experience below.

  • Ufone-Sahi-Ho-Jao

    I am also having this issue for more than 3 months now and it’s only with UFONE! I am sick and tired out this issue. Ufone helpline and customer service providers are useless.

    They dont accept this issue and failing to work on it

    • Ahsan

      yes you are right.
      They think all their customers are dumb and know nothing.
      That is why I have created this post with description of the problem.
      May be someone sensible from ufone see it and solve the issue.

      In which area you are using ufone?

  • These ads are malacious, while using hotspot it sends the virus to other devices and the ad displays even if you change the connection afterwards. F**k ufone :'(

  • I have this problem too, too much popup ads. There servers are infected with some kind of malware. That malware inject ads in the all ufone users. I also reported this to @propakistani. The ads are on propakistani website also. Now I am seeing DNS Unlocker ads on @propakistani.

  • Navroz

    Same issue.
    I suggest we should all start sending email to PTA and posting this issue on social platforms may be then they might wake up :/

  • abdussamad.com

    Yep this is correct. I noticed the same thing and wrote a blog post about how to block it: abdussamad.com/?p=1005

  • kamran

    just started using ufone 3g
    and it dumped my mobile with adwares and malwares
    lanat on you ufone

  • Mustafa Khan

    I used Ufone in April and had these problems. Spent ages cleaning up my devices but these kept coming back. Then used Mobilink for a month and no issues at all. But I shifted to data services on Ufone about a week ago and these started again. Ad services and redirects to eclkmpsa.com, cdnddn.info (which is apparently same as adsmanager.net and has address Unbelievable.

  • XeonFX

    I also contacted with propakistani with proofs. I thought they are educated and trained in this field but they are loosers also. I sent the proof videos and screen to aamir showing adaware on propakistani.pk and other websites. They promised to resolve the matter but no use. I am now shifted to telenor as Ufone is the worst 3G internet provider in Pakistan. They are so expensive and bombared there users with spyware and adaware ads. On mobile phones its even worse you will see constant ads from malware companies like your phone have a virus etc. This problem does not exist if I switch the sim to telenor or other networks.

    • Good Decision (y)

  • XeonFX

    Extract from Ufone wikipedia page.

    Ufone internet servers hijack popular google analytics scripts analytics.js and ga.js to inject adware and malware scripts on users computers.[7] Most of the users complaint to Ufone Facebook page and on social media however Ufone is unable to resolve this issue. Users are facing this problem since May, 2015, and most of the users stoped using Ufone 3G service.[8] [9][10]

  • adnan

    same issue on mobilink as well