• Dude does not work on my number

  • Ahsan

    it works on all ufone numbers that i have tested.

  • cialis clock

    Yes I agree with you!

  • kamran raja

    its not working on my number.all my family have u fone numbers.i cheked on all number its not working

  • Ahsan

    You have to dial *3# and then press send button.
    are you doing the same thing??

    • Hunain918113

      hjhhkkyar ufone ka num search to ni hota

  • Ahsan

    I checked it and came to conclusion that this service is available in some areas and not in others.
    It worked for me when i was in Rawalpindi.
    But its not working when i am in my village near Faisalabad.

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  • i igree

  • no name

    What will happen when *3# dial from ufone

    tell me

    what ru talking about…………..

  • When you dial it it will show your ufone number.

  • hhhhhhhhhhhi

  • i love pak

  • Qasim


  • Imran

    To checK Ufone number, dial


    On the screen of mobile, display will be liKe this


    for examPle :

    Ufone code numbers are these :


    MSISDN, stands for

  • Imran

    To checK Ufone number, dial


    (wait for 2 or 3 seconds, approximately)

    On the screen of mobile, display will be liKe this


    for examPle :

    Ufone code numbers are these :


    MSISDN, stands for

    • Haseebrehman247

      imran is right i will check it its working

  • Imran

    To checK Ufone sim that on which name and cnic is registered, send an empty message to 696

    A message will be received from Ufone, in that message, detail will be.

  • Imran

    To register Ufone sim on the name and and cnic number, simply, write the cnic via message and send it to 824

    for example:

    Please, dont insert any type of symbol or space, in the start, middle, or end, just simply write the i d card number, as an example is shown above.

    A message will be received from Ufone

    • husnain

      ap muje ye bata sakte ho kaise register karey ge!!

  • Imran

    Ufone 3 minute PacKage is very cheapest in PaKistan and this PacKage is also better than other mobile networKs of PaKistan. From this PacKage, Ufone to Ufone 1 rupees Per 2 minutes and to other networKs of PaKistan 2 rupees Per 3 minutes. If u combine this PacKage with Ufone Uwon PacKage, Ufone 3 minute PacKage is better than this Ufone Uwon PacKage. Because in Ufone Uwon PacKage, Ufone to Ufone 1 rupees per 1 minute and to other networKs of PaKistan 1 rupees and 60 Paisa Per 1 minute. And Ufone 3 minute PacKage is also better and cheapest than other mobile networKs of PaKistan.

    To activate Ufone 3 minute PacKage, dial 444, its free of cost and this PacKage will be also activated absolutely free

    Examine this….

  • Imran

    Ufone international sms is very cheapest in PaKistan. Just in 1 rupees and 82 Paisa, including tax. This internationl sms charges is available in all Ufone PacKages. If you are using any type of PacKage of Ufone, the international sms charges will be same. Not to activate, its already activated from Ufone. Other mobile networKs of PaKistan, the international sms charges are 5 or 6 or 7 rupees Plus tax. So, Ufone international sms charges is better and cheapest than other mobile networKs of PaKistan

  • umar hafeez

    try this


    to findout your ufone number

  • haroon

    send a blank msg to 696 u will recive The owners name of the Sim if ur sim is registerd.

  • kashif ali hussain

    this is not working *5#

    • Every code given here don’t work. But at least one of them will do the job.

  • Aamir

    is ufone prepaid number activate in USA.
    i hve ufone prepaid number and i want to activate in USA..kindly inform me is this possible then what should i do?

  • You will need to activate “international roaming”

    Go to ufone customer care centre they will guide you.

    • Nelsonhulk

      cunvert ur sim

  • hello how r u

  • Sara

    Naai sim activate Krnay K leay 789 dial Krain. Aisi sim Ka ismaal jurm hai jo aap K naam rejistered na ho. P T A

    To activate new sim dial 789. Its a crime to use sim without registration on your name. PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION AUTHORITY


    pls find this number who using this number pls if u find it then send details in my email address. the number is 0332xxxxxxx.

    • I am sorry I cannot do anything like that.
      and Please do not post mobile numbers here.

  • nops dude not working

  • *1# then press Send Show your CELL Number, its work for me..

    any one have FREE U-FONE SMS CENTER Number ?

  • Abbasi Saleem

    yes i found that how to check own cell number. thx Hussaingardezi

  • Abbasi Saleem

    Hussain Bhai and Ahsan Bhai please tell me about collect call?????


    kia koe mujhe mobilink ka number dkhana ka tareka bta sakta hai

  • plzz tel me how to get a information of a person into its mobile number

    • Thats only possible if you are someone close to you is working in a Telecom Company.

  • a.rehman

    meri sim gum ho gai hai aur wo sim koi aur use kar raha hai franchise wale keh rahek yenumber aap k naam nahin hai plzz tell me solution

    • Show them the pack of your sim if you have it.


    • I think it will work if you recharge it.
      If that don’t work then go to Ufone Customer Care Centre.

  • Awais

    I portin my telenor number over to ufone and *3# works for me.

  • huma

    hi i want to know that which number i m using. if i give to any 1 that number so he/she can tak information with the help of this number abt me or my adress.so plzz provide me this information. thanx

    • Ssarfrazshah

      aap mujhy number bataen me aap ko batata ho number ki location 03332732975

  • hammad zafar

    how can i find the person's name and address through its ufone cell numbers plz help me some one is teasing me

    • Thats not possible . If you have a friend in telecom, may be he can help.

  • esha


    i have a new ufone sim , usy phone mai lagany say signal nahi aty, i think wo register nahi hai, can u plz tell me, mai online register kesay kera sakti hon?

    please reply me soon

    its really urgent !!!

  • shahzad khan

    hi dear ahsan ! sir i want to know the location of a person can u plz help me its the number=03365254812 plz sir i wana know its full adress plz…..its my own number 03349048812 so plz ok i am waiting….

    • Dear Shahzad Khan
      Its not possible.

  • Syed Salman Ali


    MY CNIC NUMBER IS  42201-******-* PLEASE TELL ME SOON…….



    • Do not give your cnic on websites. Its not safe.
      You want to know about sims issued on your CNIC please visit nearest ufone Customer Care Centre. Thankx

      • Arsalan

        hey ahsan i want some information about a ufone number that who is using and from where he is using that, is it possible to findout?? 

        • Not possible for me.. 

  • Nelsonhulk

    how i leave ufone

  • Krazy_heart55

    dial *5# where above both methods does not work