20 paisa tax on SMS withdrawn

Govt. has withdrawn 20 paisa FED on SMS on the demand of youth.

This is gr8. Now we will be able to enjoy the same packages.


  • really?
    نوجوان نسل کے جذبات سے مت کھیلنا یار

  • mojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  • Again tension to forward Sms to all friends :|… koi acha kaam keya tha Govt. ny wo b khatam kr deya 😛

  • I was happy with the tax, now these stupid forwarded sms will again ruin my good nite sleep….

  • nomi

    I think they realized the fact even 20p tax can’t stop zardari-jokes. 😛

  • Haseeb ahmad

    wa ji waaaaa