Solar Powered Pakistan- An Idea

Following are my own assumptions on Solar Power Stations, and open to comments, suggestions and criticism about the practicality of the idea.

Prices of Solar Panels are around Rs. 150/ watt.
1MW is equal to 1,000,000 Watts.
Calculating from above mentioned prices of solar panels, 1MW will cost about Rs. 150,000,000.
We add to it a hypothetical cost of infrastructure development plus other miscellaneous  costs of about Rs. 50,000,000.

So, the total hypothetical cost of a 1MW Solar Power Station will be around Rs. 200,000,000.

Suppose an average sunshine of 8 hours per day.
This unit will produce 8 MW in one day and 2920MW in one year.

If electricity is purchased from this unit at a price of Rs. 10/ unit.
Cost of 1 MW will be about Rs. 10,000.

This unit will generate a revenue of Rs. 2,92,00,000/ year.
Estimating a maintenance cost of 42,00,000/ year.
Total revenue will be about 2,50,00,000/year.
Unit will be able to complete its cost in 8 years.

Currently government is buying electricity from IPP’s at a rate of Rs. 35 / unit.
And there are issues of circular debt and increased import bill of oil.

This will be an attractive investment opportunity. Local investors can form small companies to invest in these projects.
And potential for local production of solar panels can also be created.

I have seen somewhere on internet that in India they are installing solar panels on canals. This solves problem of provision of land and also prevents water loss
by evaporation. Same strategy can be applied here.

If these projects like these are installed. They will

1. Provide Clean and cheap energy.
2. Reduce our import bill of oils.
3. Create job opportunities.
4. Will act as incentive for development of solar panels locally.

Open to discussion for all. Smile

  • Nadeem Sharf ud Din

    Such crude calculation surely gives a birds eye view on the solar project cost and return back time. In my openion such big investment is not expected from present goverment. Also the present electricity system, line loses and theft make any such project on the edge of failure. I think governemnt or the banks should give flexible loans to individuals to set up small home on grid or off grid home system. I am working in an organization where we started research on small home solutions to run basic needs of a house. We made one fan two bulb solutions to address the basic demand of any house.

    • Pakistan 1

      Your idea so good

  • Government just has to formulate a policy. Investment is to be done by companies and individuals.
    Your idea is also good.

  • sohaib

    yes this idea is really man

  • Muhammad-Azam

    yes you are right,.

    the idea is a no brainer.

    The issue is the oil & gas lobby which profits from the status quo. Even govt ministers have openly admitted this.

    Obvious solution, like for everything else is to get a good honest person run the country.

  • Yar solar power is an expensive way to generate electricity, there are few more ways to generate electricity on low cost, but you know about our govt, They need money, they need higher commission and they will never want pakistan to prosper, you see our awam (nation) is also acting like a fool, We dont want to change our condition ourself, and you know Allah doesn’t change condition of those nations who dont want change themself .. its not over 65 year since pakistan establishment, but we couldn’t even solve the basic problem of electricity, we come with different ideas, but never implemented, May Allah change our mindset and get rid of the corrupt government, then i hope some thing better will be happen, otherwise, we will keep discussing about how to generate electricity for next 65 years and then more..

  • you are owl, solar and wind energy take high running cost, only hydral power can be accept having high initial cost, but running cost is very low . . its Pakistan, every gov is khaooo, who spent such high payment on these, first study something then wrote . .

  • Yes.. Solar Power may be the solution..

  • Solar Power may be the solution..