Getting Energy From Wind

There is lot of loadshedding these days in Pakistan. The prices of
energy are also increasing, so i decided to make an experimental wind energy system.
Which I plan to upgrade to a bigger one.

For my convinience I divided it into parts

1. Generator: for making electricity.
2. Rotor : wings for moving the generator.
3. A controller: to control charging of battery.
4. Batteries : to store energy.
5. Inverter: To convert DC voltage to AC.

I shall make or get these parts one by one and assemble them into a power generating system.
My site will be updated regularly with the project details. So stay tuned if you are interested.

  • ahsan

    i was planning to do it 3- years back..
    but couldnt do it cuz of my laziness..
    and due to lack of availability of required components..
    so contact me on my email if u find any usefull thing for me regarding this..

  • I came across this article coing from yahoo. Well it didn't match my critera I searched it is safe to say this was an interesting post.