10 Useful Apps for Your Smartphone

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve encountered an obstacle and wondered “Is there an application for this?”. In today’s cyber world our smartphone is actually the single most important thing for us as it can do almost everything short of clean your house and finish that work you’ve been  procrastinating on for so long. Well likely to a plumber without his tools a phone needs applications to be relevant.  Let’s have a look at some of the applications which can make a big difference in your living.

  • TED


    Everybody has heard about TED talks. They’re little gems of inspiration and eye opening knowledge that can prove to be helpful in life. This application provides the user the ability to stream any of the thousands of TED talks available. It also has subtitles in over 90 languages and allows you to stream it through a chrome cast on your television. Pretty neat eh? Now you can enjoy a quiet evening watching some fascinating people entrance you with their life stories. It also allows you to download videos offline to watch later. The long commute to work doesn’t seem as boring now, does it? Google play link