Raymond Davis Released

Raymond Davis was released today after payment of blood money (Diyat) in accordance with Sharia law of Pakistan.
Media is making a great fuss of this issue.

He was released after the family members of murdered men pardoned him.
So what’s the point in doing protests, marches and damaging our own shops and businesses in the process.
His family members have every right to forgive him and accept blood money according to law.

What you say??
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  • Faaiz Muhammad

    We have no
    right to celebrate independence because we are still a slave and we take
    dictations from our lord America for every single issue in the country.  As Raymond had allegations of double murdering
    and his act was strongly condemned by the whole nation. Imagine the intensity
    of heat and grief that wife of a victim committed suicide out of feelings of injustice
    to her. Religious groups and political parties pushed the families of victim to
    accept blood money referring it as a shariah rule. Raymond Davis was set freed
    after all the mess but irony and woe be many times on our leaders for failing
    to recover Aafia from US prison. It’s a clear manifestation of American double
    standards of law and political hegemony.  

    Another victim
    of Raymond Davis found in a posh area of Lahore