Good Bye Zardari!!

GoodBye Mr. Asif Zardari, with all your Dentonic smiles that you have been showing us for the last one and a half year. You ztried to show us that you are very clever. You can make a fool out of anybody. But you were a big fool to think like that. We, the people of Pakistan, proved to our previous President that we are not sheep or goats. But you didn’t learn any lesson from that. You tried to be clever. You tried to fool 16 crore people of Pakistan. But we are not Mr. Zardari. We were generous enough to give you a chance to wash away your previous deeds. But instead, you made more. Well, your choice. Now you are taking your last breaths as the President of this country.

People can’t be stopped from protesting by force. Facts cannot be hidden by ban on media. The only thing that makes difference is your attitude towards the people. You were indifferent to people of Pakistan. People wanted to restore the Chief Justice, You promised and you backed out, not just once. You were given mandate to strengthen Democracy, but you forgot everything except yourself.

You have spent a lot of time enjoying on our money. Now its time to say “Good Bye” Mr. Zardari. We are not sheep and goats, we are people with great sense of responsibility. We know where we have to go.

People of Pakistan has again given Zardari a chance. But attached is the message : Not to underestimate the masses again.

  • nomi

    We can’t get rid of him until he stops licking America’s shoes and establishment wants him to go.

    Masses really showed their power but we have to admit that White House and Army played a vital role in this matter.
    Otherwise, Zardari was not ready to listen to masses.

  • basit

    plz its my humble request that mr.ahsan should be a nominated in awein awards by writing a soulful novel regarding my hood hood zardari”

  • Yaar aHsaN bhai, Hawa main TeeR chala rahy hain ap, wo tou abi b iQteDaar ki deVi ky sath raaj kr rahy hain.

    • Jab main nay likha tha tb wo bus janay walay thay.
      Baad main mera delete karnay ko dil ni kiya.

  • שיפוצים

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