My Dear Friend..

Saqib Naeem Siddique.. Oh sorry I forgot Dr.  Saqib Naeem Siddique. Feel the joy of being a doctor. We have spent four years together and now he has become a doctor. A doctor, that feels good :D.

Waisay to yeh dentist hai but he is good at everything. “Everything” I literally mean it. Thats why we call him “Mystery”.( I know he will pronounce it right.) I am a fan of his precision and accuracy. He deals with the things in a very systematic way. Once I said to him ” We cannot use a USB drive in DOS” aur bhai sahab jur gaye. I dont know whatever he did but he was able to run that usb drive in DOS mode. That was amazing.

And he walks a lot. I don’t know from where he has got that stamina. One day he roamed all Islamabad on foot. He loves his days spent in Lahore and FC College. Now Chichawatni has got an eminent Dentist among them who can even repair puntured cycles. And this doesn’t end here he can cook well. Pizzas and I don’t remember the names of others.

And now he is a doctor. I wish him success in his life ahead. Saqib waiting for your comments.

  • Use in Dos mode, i never try for it may be its not work.

  • USB* (in Dos Mode),

    Anyway, Nice Words for your Friend, Mr. Ahsan

  • Muddsar Naeem

    He Can Do Every Thing…He is like a einstien

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  • Muhammad Faizan

    *780*3# is working to know u fone my number