A little story

Jamshed is a poor boy, living in a hut with his parents and seven siblings. He spends his days playing with kids of his age. He don’t go to school. But why??

His parents are poor. They don’t have the money to pay school fee,money to pay for the books. Or probably they don’t understand why is it important to study. They are waiting for him to grow a bit older, so that they can send him to some household to earn some money, like his elder siblings are doing.

His parents did the same and the cycle is getting repeated again and again, from one generation to the next.
But the actual question is will it come to an end???

  • Ahsan

    Are you doing something to stop this? I suggest you to reserve some amount in percentage (say 2.5 %) of your income from Google Ads for such children. Agreed?

    If we get able to build such network then we can really do something …

    • Thats good idea to start with.

  • Ahsan

    Is it possible to make such an effort ? I would love to join with you ..