WorldCall EVDO

WorldCall has launched its EVDO service currently available to karachi customers only.

EVDO is a wireless broadband service. World call provides a small USB modem.

Waiting when this service become available to other cities.

Tariff is as under

eVDO Packages (Only for Karachi)
Packages Monthly Rs. Download/Upload
256 kbps 1200 Unlimited
512 kbps 1800 Unlimited
1 mbps 2500 Unlimited
*Worldcall eVDO Device Costs Rs. 4500.
**45 Days Money Back Guarantee (Conditions Apply)

    Hi Salam dear the device is costly and ur packages are also costly but i know this is new technology thats y but i wana know when the packages and specially device reduces its price


    Hi Salam dear the device is costly and ur packages are also costly but i know this is new technology thats y but i wana know when the packages and specially device reduces its price

    But good work dudes i like the spirit


  • Ahsan

    I want to make it clear that i dont belong to worldcall.
    The post is just for informational purposes.

  • Hazik

    hello this is good but some times mostly is day time i have 512 kbps but in day is have 340 kbps or more but not 512 kbps????

  • Ali

    AAKIL — is this amin ..??
    well i have also this device…its work good mostly in day. I like it….but there is little bit problem in night @ 9-11pm.


  • muhammad sakhawat

    pls e-mail me that if this service available in lahore & sialkot

  • roy

    evdo sucks! its not worth paying 1200/month by any way… they are all loosers making big money out of data services by cutting people’s pockets!

  • i am also Using World Call but its Wireless pr month Package for 600 RS with 100 KBPS 🙁

  • Faisal Misbah

    i just installed windows 7 but device software dint install on windows 7, pls. advise…

  • i have installed windows 7 but EVDo USB device not intall properly .in begining dialer was not open but when i install driver manually from Driver folder. dialer was enable and connect successfully but internet show me limited connectivity plzz tell me solution…

  • Farhan

    Did anyone find the solution to the windows 7 problem?

  • Azhar mehmood butt

    hey me lookin the way of such services in my own area……….

    • Which area are you from??
      Hope these services get to you soon.

  • Kambohg

    Helo every 1 i want to inform my name is tayyab siddique i m the old user of the worldcal i think from 2007 or from 2008 i m using worldcall wireless with family data package after this in july 2010 world call lunch in Faisalabad i was get some money from my friend and buy this device and i was happy till last week but from 1 week i m also getting bad speed my package is 256 kb and when i was buy then they say to me u will get open speed then i was ask what do u mean by open speed they says to me in 256 kb u wil get 1 mb or 2 mb speed i was happy and it was same as it say but from 2 week i m testing my speed its not go more then 0.50 mb from test speed i have test and 2nd and now youtube also not working streaming going bad when i was use it then it was give me 500 kb download spped to but from last week i m getting only 20 kb or 30 kb thats way i will say to you dont buy worldcall they are bluffer and cheater i m using world call phone and usb from long time phone use from long time and now usb also and its also not working in many other area here is in my area here is i m getting 5 but when i go to half km far from my area then its goes to 2 single and sped goes to 2.0kb and till 3 kb which is worst speed and downloading thats way i have a huge experience with world call and now they are bounding all customers they will soon go down and they will b lost company that's way i wil say to you dont waste money on worldcall u can buy ptcl evdo and witribe and other netservices but dont buy worldcall in any condition this wil b my advice other wise u will b crying and they will not refund ur money they will give u bluf also they have done with me when i was close my data family package and again i was rest my prepay connection from prepaid then my renaming credit was 700 but when i was done then the says we will send to you load on ur phone or what u wil do with check if you wil get check etc and they have drone my hole money in the hell my advice is this don't waste money on bullshit worldcall 

  • WorldCall is very nice Internet and Phone services and there package are very reasonable and i think it will make its place in Pakistani Market soon

  • Qureshi

    Hi. I have been using Worldcall’s EVDO usb internet for 2 years. I have the 256 kbps package and I use it on my Windows 7. It used to be perfect, but from the last 5 months, I have been experiencing a lot of issues. Most importantly, for the last 2 months, it has been working terribly. I have complained numerous times but to no avail.

    I really need to know, is this a problem related to worldcall’s internet signals, or can this also be the problem of the usb device? Can this problem be due to the device now being old? Please, any solution would be appreciated.

  • They provide internet services with some great packages..