Wateen WiMax Signal Problem — Solved

I was very excited the day i bought Wateen Wimax. But it all vanished when I came to know that there are NO SIGNALS in my room. I am living in a hostel. I tried the device in my friend’s room and after a lot of efforts and positional adjustments I was able to get signals to connect to Wateen. The speed was ok.

I shifted my computer to my friend’s room, and every time I had to use my computer or internet I had to go to his room. This was very inconvinient. So I decided that I will check device in my room and if I am not able to connect I will quit Wateen.

I brought device to my room. There were no signals. Then I put the device in window outside my room and it connected. I started thinking about ways I can put device outside and use internet.

My window is covered by wire gauze. And this wire gauze was interfering with signals. Thats why signals were there outside  but they never entered my room.

I made a hole in the wire gauze approximately of the size of device. The plan was that I will put device ouside and use it. But that was not a very good idea.  I would have to place my device ouside everytime I use net and then take it back in after use. Because, my room is on ground floor and I surely didn’t want anybody to run away with the device 🙂 .

I got an idea and I placed my device inside my room infront of the small window i created in wire gauze. WOW It connected :D. All my headache was gone. Although I am not getting full speed I have subscribed for But still its Good.

Below are the pictures that will help you understand What I did.

Update: One thing I forgot to mention. To get good signals you have to rotate the device to position of maximum signals. I hope you got the point.