Wateen got me back to Ground

Last saturday when I tried to use my wateen connection it showed me a negative balance.

I was a little bit shocked to see that as it was not my billing day. However I thought may be they have reset billing cycle to 1st of each month.

In the evening I brought scratch card to load my account and to my surprise there was a balance of Rs.1402 in my account. Wow….

I was thinking about what could have happened and I found that there were other people who got similar rewards.

But this happiness didn’t last long as today my balance has reversed to previous state.

What i could understand out of it is that there are a lot of problems going on at wateen’s end.

  • Same happens with me, at 15th November when i check my wateen account it shows my balance 2500/= however it should be 1500/= so I ask Yateem (wateen) customer support, They told me that they have problem in there system therefore they have added 1000/= balance to every account, however when they’ll fix problem the balance will automatically deducted.

    And same happen after few days.