Who is the doctor?

A father and his son were travelling in  a car.They had an accident.Father died on the spot.Son lost his consciousness. He was taken to the hospital.Doctor said i can’t operate this boy because he is my son.Who is the doctor?

  • dont ask, i have controversial answer 😀

    • There is also a non controversial answer.

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    What is Correct Answer Please tell me

  • nomi49

    Doctor is the mother of that boy!

  • You got it right nomi 😀

  • nomi49

    That was easy! I guess. 😛

    thnx for the wonderful blog. Keep posting.

  • Kafi PeeChida BloG tha mery pass to answer nain tha thanks NoMi Bhai 😉

  • Good time. And ,

  • Fatimah

    Mother of the boy

  • Ali

    Mother of the Boy 🙂

  • Father & Son are idiots. They are driving so harshley.