How to Refill Inkjet Printer Cartridge HP21

Inkjet Printer Cartridges are very expensive. As an example HP inkjet Cartridge 21 costs around Rs. 1500.
So when your cartridge is empty you have three options:-

1. Buy a new Cartridge. ( 1500 rupees)

2. Get it refilled (200-250 rupees)

3. Refill it yourself (10 – 30 rupees)


Now I will show you how to refill an inkjet Cartridge. I am using HP ink cartridge 21(Black) but this method will work with other
inkjet cartridges like (Epson, Cannon ).
For this you will need:-

1. Ink cartridge

2. Black Ink for inkjet printer

3. 5cc syringe

You can get ink for printer from any stationary shop.

Step 1: Fill syringe with 5cc of Black ink.


Step 2: Open sticker of cartridge as shown below

Image007 Image008

Step 3: Insert syringe into the cartridge and fill it slowly

Image009 Image010

Step 4: Put cartridge in printer and take some test prints.

I hope this is helpful for you 🙂
Remember me in your prayers.

  • nice tips …..

  • Ali Shan

    Good tips!!!!! but is the ink availible in solid form or in prepared liquid state??????

    • it is ii liquid state

  • @Zafar Ali

    Ink for printers is specific.

    You cannot use dollar ink.

    Go to some other stationary shop you will find it.

  • Ahmad

    Can you tell me its name or something? Like which shop and what ink etc

    • Go to some stationary shop, ask for ink for printers

  • Ahmad

    Do they sell Coloured Ink for the Tri-Colour Cartridge aswell? 

    • Yes color ink can also be refilled.
      You will get inks of all three colors, and refill them 1.5 ml of each ink in respective section of that ink.
      Ink cartridge has 3 openings for three types of inks

  • Ahsan, thanks a ton for letting us know about cartridge refilling.

    I really really wanted to know it since new cartridges are so expensive.

    Do you recommend any specific brand of ink? and any specific retailer in Lahore,if you know some?

  • Umair

    BTW, pictorial demo is appreciated. That makes a reader stick to the article. thanks again

  • AsadUllah

    Ahsan Bhi !! thanks yew so much
    plz tell me the name of brand of ink and price also?W8ing for ur rply

  • AsadUllah

    Ahsan Bhi !! thanks yew so much
    plz tell me the name of brand of ink and price also?W8ing for ur rply

  • There is no specific brand.
    I bought 30ml ink bottle for Rs. 150.
    and 1 litre for Rs. 800.
    That is 2-3 yrs ago.

    Don’t know about current prices.

  • umair

    got Ink-mate brand black 500ml bottle for rs. 350.

    ink mate is suppose to be korean.

    prints great. Can’t feel the difference from original.

    • umair

      500ml = half litre

      I think Ahsan got 30 ml for very high cost unless the brand is better.

  • kashif

    ahsan bhi kya apnay stamp pad ink use kari hai?

    • nahi..stamp pad ink tou use ni ki

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  • Hassan

    plzzzzzzzzzz any one tell me that how many time i refill the cattrage of printer?

    • Till the time it stop working.

  • Narayana Rao C K

    Yes I use this method even for color inks and find it economical

  • Thanks for the information you provided, Now I can try to Refill Inkjet Printer Cartridge without help of others.

  • Asher

    Thank you for these tips, for years I have been going to Trust Plaza (Computer market in Sargodha) to get it refilled. refill price isn’t high but it really is difficult to go every time, especially since the capacity of my printer cartridge HP D1660 is less than 200 papers.

    Again thank you and will remember you in prayers!
    Allah aap ko khush rakhay!

  • now i will refill my own cartridge myself

  • now i will refill my own cartridge myself

    can I buy syringe from medical store

  • Ali

    A.a bro!
    does this method hold good for HP 61 cartridge???
    and suggest me some good brand of ink.

  • sameer

    Thankyou Ahsan ,, u truly waived off the hassle to get cartridge refilledd.. May Blessing b upon u

  • thank you Ahsan,
    and I am using hp 61 cartridges with dj2050.

  • Arslan

    can I refill 564 hp ink cartridge

  • Thanks a lot Ahsan 🙂

  • Ahsan bhi I have a HP inkjet prtr what’s price it’s ink green&black.can I refill it myself plz tell me

  • Daud Jan

    i refill alot but my 622 cartridge never accept it, also it leaks, can’t print more papers + need refill every 2-3 days, i watched alot videos from utube 4 filling but none helped me really. i bought inkmate korean brand ink package 3colors+ 1 black 100 ml each costs 320Rs + transport rent totalling abt Rs 380-400. Really depressed especially wen u can’t print b4 exams short points etc.

  • shahid

    Is suction tool reuired and what if i dont have it