Flushing Car Radiator Suzuki Alto

Recently I flushed my car radiator of my Suzuki Alto and replaced water with coolant.
I will share the method I used.

Things Required:
1. Water
2. Citric Acid ( Tatri )
3. Baking Soda
4. Coolant

Where to Get Them:
1. Water: from your home tap
2. Citric Acid: Can be obtained from any grocery store, it is called tatri. i bought it for Rs. 20
3. Baking Soda: Grocery Store or your kitchen
4. Coolant: I used Gaurd Coolant. Price was about 180 per Litre. Capacity of Alto Radiator is 2Litre. A solution of 50% Coolant and 50% water is used. So 1 litre is enough for radiator, you will need another 500 ml to fill in the radiator bottle.

1. First I drained the water from my radiator by removing the bottom hose as I coudn’t find any draining plug in my radiator. The water that came out was very rusty.Radiator dirty water

2. Then I washed radiator with plain water.
3. Then I connected the radiator hose, mixed Citric Acid (Tatri) in 2 litre bottle of water and put it in radiator.
4. I closed radiator lid and let engine run idle for about 30 minutes.
5. After that I waited for half an hour to let the engine cool down.
6. I again removed bottom hose of radiator and drained water. It was also dirty.
radiator dirty water
7. I then mixed baking soda in 2Liter water bottle and put it in radiator.
8. Let the engine run for another 30 minutes.
9. Drained soda bicarb water when Engine cooled after 30minutes.
10. Then I put simple tap water and let engine run for 10 minutes. Did three cycles like this.
11. After that I filled radiator with a mixture of 50% coolant in 50% water. Also I filled the radiator water bottle with same solution.
12. After one day I checked coolant level and it had dropped a little, may be because of release of air trapped inside during cleaning process. I refilled it.
13. Checked it after 2 days checked it again and refilled dropped coolant.
14. After that my coolant level has remained steady and has not dropped.

1. Don’t open Radiator Cap when engine is hot.


If you have any questions. Ask in comments below