Jun 09

Cherry Avenger Tablet PC Review—Bought from cherry.pk

I recently bought Cherry Avenger Tablet PC from www.cherry.pk
I would like to share my experience. I bought this tab because of a Pakistani label, with a wish in my heart to promote Pakistani Brands.

I ordered the tab online on cherry.pk site and it was sent to me via TCS, payment made on delivery.
When I opened the package, the packing truly wasn’t good. charger was taped on the top of box. I didn’t take a pic of that.
In the box there was a tab and two cables.




After opening the tab finishing of the tab was not much good.
There are no applications installed when you first run the tab. Apps can however be downloaded from the play store.

Most disappointing thing was, the specs of the tab were not as mentioned on the site http://www.cherry.pk/products/cherry-avenger-tablet-pc-in-pakistan.html.
Following table compares the specs of tab with the specs of site.


Specs On Site

Actual Specs

Processor A13 ARM Cortex-A8 FRQ 1200MHZ ARM v7 processor 1000MHz
RAM 512MB DDR3 353 MB
GPU Mali-400 Mali-400
Internal Memory 4GB NAND Flash It is 512 MB
plus 2GB
external memory Support 32GB Micro TF Card Slot on my device didn’t work
Camera 2.0Megapixel See the image below taken by camera and decide yourself

Touch screen is good.

I tried to play some games. This tab doesn’t go well with games that require tilting of screen to play.

Following picture was taken with the tab

Picture taken By Cherry Tab

Same picture taken by a Nokia VGA camera

Picture taken By Nokia Vga camera

Cherry.pk has designed a good website, and it seems like they want to build a brand.
But honesty is required in building name of Brand.
Anybody who is thinking about buying cherry products. I will advise to think twice before you buy.
Because actual product delivered to you will not have the same specs they are promising.

It is my first android tab and I liked the android OS. But as for as cherry tab, it’s a disappointment.

Any more questions, feel free to comment below. I will be happy to answer :)

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  1. tahir9110

    Bhai Aaap Nay Mujy Bacha lIya Boht Boht Shukriya.

  2. waqasahmed

    aniol aurora ki tablet kay bara mien kindly kuch bata saktay hien yaa kii aor achi portable tablet ho .kindly text me on 03472337908

  3. zohaib

    thanx yar mab leny laga tha very very thanx

  4. Ali Raza

    price is 8499. and Ram available is always less than Ram specified if you are talking about android devices.And slot given is microTF card not micro SD. micro SD card can not be detected on micro SD. Read it. This person has bought this tablet because it is too cheap not the reason he has described (love for pak) My foot .. only difference is a processor.

    1. Ahsan

      TF Card and micro SD card are same thing.
      even if you are right about RAM.
      What you have to say about internal memory?

      There are many other cheap tablets available in the market. I bought it because it was Pakistani.

  5. baba

    Ahsan posted a link to know to check if the ufone number is in your name and tell you to dial *3# if this does not work dial *8888#,, well i am very sorry to that Ahsan is cheating because I dialed *8888# and my package was changed to “”BOLO PAKISTAN”" and Rs.16.73 from my account and i already had Uth Package which was no more.. Ahsan is frauding and cheating us… It is a shame..

    1. Ahsan

      Please post your comments in right post.

      read the post again its *888#
      you dialed an extra 8.

      also this number is not for checking the ownership of the number.

      Thanks for useful Info in your comment below.

  6. baba

    Ahsan Stop misguiding people with the *3# number, this does not work everywhere and just tell them for UFONE they can send a BLANK SMS to 696,, it is simple and easy and for JAZZ just type “NAME” and send it to 300 and for Telenor type MNP and send to 345 and they will get the ownership of the SIM..

  7. Speed Test

    Its looks like this pad has some new features..

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