My freelancing experience,

I started freelancing with It took some time to get my first projects. But after doing two projects, because of good feedback left by employers, it became easy to get new projects.

Freelancing is fun. You are your own boss, it gives you experience and at the same time you can earn some money.

I was happy with . And then one day acquires .

After that its all down the hill. has higher commission rate 10% as compared to 5% on . It was easier to get projects on because of nice UI and ease of use. transferred all the users to its site. It took some time before feedback of my projects was transferred to Feedback is very important in freelancing. It helps your future employers to decide if they want to award you the project or not.

After much effort I was able to get a project on . I completed the project. transferred money from escrow to my account. I requested a withdrawal, but they didn’t process it. They told me that they have some issues with my employer and I should contact him.

Actually they have charged my employers paypal account multiple times without his authorization and this thing has annoyed him very much. He though of it as a fraud and got the payments reversed. However there was some amount which he didn’t reverse.

It was all fault. But whenever I contacted them they say to me to contact the employer directly. It is important to mention here that deducted project commission from my credit card the same moment I accepted the project.

I asked them to at least transfer me the amount that has not been reversed by the employer. But I don’t know why they don’t understand anything. At least they should have the courtesy to pay me back the project fee they have so eagerly taken. They are not willing to accept their mistake. It is their responsibility to gaurantee payments secured by escrow, and they have failed miserably in that. I am very much disappointed by their behavior.

Based on my experience, I will advise all the future freelancers and employers to stay away from this site ie although they claim to be the world’s largest freelancer site.

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  1. Nice Effort Ahsan i really like it, i also started my career much like you a lots of problems and no one to guide everyone to make money from you. lol

    Marketing Manager

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