Ufone 3g inserting ads on websites

I was browsing internet on ufone 3g and observed a strange behaviour. A popup ad appeared whenever I clicked on a site, and it happened on all sites.

This only happened on Ufone, and whenever I used any other network, sites worked fine.

I contacted ufone, and they said it is not a network or 3G issue, and sites display ads.

When I further investigated this issue I found out that for every request made to Google Analytics javascript


ufone network was sending a malicious js containing ad code instead of actual js file from google.
Below is screenshot of code of that malicious file which load pop up ads on pages without knowledge of website owner and end user.


This is a serious security issue and ufone should take strict action against the person responsible for this.
I am using ufone 3g in Khuzdar where I encountered this problem.
If anyone else is having same problem share your experience below.

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Cherry Avenger Tablet PC Review—Bought from cherry.pk

I recently bought Cherry Avenger Tablet PC from www.cherry.pk
I would like to share my experience. I bought this tab because of a Pakistani label, with a wish in my heart to promote Pakistani Brands.

I ordered the tab online on cherry.pk site and it was sent to me via TCS, payment made on delivery.
When I opened the package, the packing truly wasn’t good. charger was taped on the top of box. I didn’t take a pic of that.
In the box there was a tab and two cables.




After opening the tab finishing of the tab was not much good.
There are no applications installed when you first run the tab. Apps can however be downloaded from the play store.

Most disappointing thing was, the specs of the tab were not as mentioned on the site http://www.cherry.pk/products/cherry-avenger-tablet-pc-in-pakistan.html.
Following table compares the specs of tab with the specs of site.


Specs On Site

Actual Specs

Processor A13 ARM Cortex-A8 FRQ 1200MHZ ARM v7 processor 1000MHz
RAM 512MB DDR3 353 MB
GPU Mali-400 Mali-400
Internal Memory 4GB NAND Flash It is 512 MB
plus 2GB
external memory Support 32GB Micro TF Card Slot on my device didn’t work
Camera 2.0Megapixel See the image below taken by camera and decide yourself

Touch screen is good.

I tried to play some games. This tab doesn’t go well with games that require tilting of screen to play.

Following picture was taken with the tab

Picture taken By Cherry Tab

Same picture taken by a Nokia VGA camera

Picture taken By Nokia Vga camera

Cherry.pk has designed a good website, and it seems like they want to build a brand.
But honesty is required in building name of Brand.
Anybody who is thinking about buying cherry products. I will advise to think twice before you buy.
Because actual product delivered to you will not have the same specs they are promising.

It is my first android tab and I liked the android OS. But as for as cherry tab, it’s a disappointment.

Any more questions, feel free to comment below. I will be happy to answer 🙂

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My freelancing experience, Scriptlance.com Freelancer.com

I started freelancing with scriptlance.com. It took some time to get my first projects. But after doing two projects, because of good feedback left by employers, it became easy to get new projects.

Freelancing is fun. You are your own boss, it gives you experience and at the same time you can earn some money.

I was happy with scriptlance.com . And then one day freelancer.com acquires scriptlance.com .

After that its all down the hill. Freelancer.com has higher commission rate 10% as compared to 5% on scriptlance.com . It was easier to get projects on scriptlance.com because of nice UI and ease of use. Freelancer.com transferred all the scriptlance.com users to its site. It took some time before feedback of my scriptlance.com projects was transferred to freelancer.com. Feedback is very important in freelancing. It helps your future employers to decide if they want to award you the project or not.

After much effort I was able to get a project on freelancer.com . I completed the project. Freelancer.com transferred money from escrow to my account. I requested a withdrawal, but they didn’t process it. They told me that they have some issues with my employer and I should contact him.

Actually they have charged my employers paypal account multiple times without his authorization and this thing has annoyed him very much. He though of it as a fraud and got the payments reversed. However there was some amount which he didn’t reverse.

It was all freelancer.com fault. But whenever I contacted them they say to me to contact the employer directly. It is important to mention here that freelancer.com deducted project commission from my credit card the same moment I accepted the project.

I asked them to at least transfer me the amount that has not been reversed by the employer. But I don’t know why they don’t understand anything. At least they should have the courtesy to pay me back the project fee they have so eagerly taken. They are not willing to accept their mistake. It is their responsibility to gaurantee payments secured by escrow, and they have failed miserably in that. I am very much disappointed by their behavior.

Based on my experience, I will advise all the future freelancers and employers to stay away from this site ie freelancer.com although they claim to be the world’s largest freelancer site.

Thanks for reading.
Your comments are welcome.

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Solar Powered Pakistan- An Idea

Following are my own assumptions on Solar Power Stations, and open to comments, suggestions and criticism about the practicality of the idea.

Prices of Solar Panels are around Rs. 150/ watt.
1MW is equal to 1,000,000 Watts.
Calculating from above mentioned prices of solar panels, 1MW will cost about Rs. 150,000,000.
We add to it a hypothetical cost of infrastructure development plus other miscellaneous  costs of about Rs. 50,000,000.

So, the total hypothetical cost of a 1MW Solar Power Station will be around Rs. 200,000,000.

Suppose an average sunshine of 8 hours per day.
This unit will produce 8 MW in one day and 2920MW in one year.

If electricity is purchased from this unit at a price of Rs. 10/ unit.
Cost of 1 MW will be about Rs. 10,000.

This unit will generate a revenue of Rs. 2,92,00,000/ year.
Estimating a maintenance cost of 42,00,000/ year.
Total revenue will be about 2,50,00,000/year.
Unit will be able to complete its cost in 8 years.

Currently government is buying electricity from IPP’s at a rate of Rs. 35 / unit.
And there are issues of circular debt and increased import bill of oil.

This will be an attractive investment opportunity. Local investors can form small companies to invest in these projects.
And potential for local production of solar panels can also be created.

I have seen somewhere on internet that in India they are installing solar panels on canals. This solves problem of provision of land and also prevents water loss
by evaporation. Same strategy can be applied here.

If these projects like these are installed. They will

1. Provide Clean and cheap energy.
2. Reduce our import bill of oils.
3. Create job opportunities.
4. Will act as incentive for development of solar panels locally.

Open to discussion for all. Smile

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Setup Windows Skydrive on Your Computer

Windows Live offers 7GB of free online storage. And the good news is you can use this space setup as a folder on your computer.
1. Goto https://skydrive.live.com
2. Enter your windows live id credentials.
3. Follow the video tutorial to setup Skydrive folder on your computer.

Note: old users of skydrive can claim 25GB of free storage. login to your skydrive account for further details.

Setting up skydrive on Windows
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